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How it works

It's part art, part technology and part passion!

For both interactive panoramas and object movies, the techniques used to produce the images are a mix of art, technology and passion. The art is in the photographic skill, the lighting and the image adjustments. The technology comes in when "stitching" the images together to create the final files. The passion is that we love doing what we do, and work hard to ensure you do too.

Interactive Panoramas

For interactive panoramas, all you have to do is call or send us an email to initiate a project. We'll work with you to go over your project and timeline. After we agree on a date and time that's best, we'll meet you or one of your associates at the location specified. After about 10 minutes of setup time, we'll be ready to photograph the rooms or locations you're wanting to showcase in an interactive panorama. Each separate shoot at that location will take about 10-15 minutes. For example, if you'd like interactive panoramas in five rooms of a house, it would take about an hour to shoot all five. Once we're done with the photography, we'll take the digital images back to our offices and stitch them together. In most cases, your files should be ready within a couple business days (or sooner). If you would like additional services such as custom Web templates, virtual tours or Web hosting, please allow a couple more days.

Object Movies

For object movies, the process is much the same. Just call us or send us an email to start the project. We'll go over your ideas for the project, and work out details for art direction (backgrounds, pedestals, etc.) We can either pick up your products from you or you can ship them to our studio. (Not to worry, we'll return them when we're done.) We'll photograph one or two of your items and then return the object movies to you for initial approval. After we receive your approval, we'll continue photographing the rest of the items and send you all the object movies when we're finished. In most cases, this should be within five business days of your initial approval. However, this time frame might be longer if you have a large number of items to photograph.

The digital files we prepare can be delivered to you on CD, DVD, or sent via email or FTP. Or, we can host them for you on our Web site. Your choice. Along with your files, R2360 will send you an invoice for the services rendered. For more information on our rates and billing, please refer to the FAQ Web page.

R2360 strives to make this as easy for you as possible. See for yourself. Give us a call or send us an email today to get started!