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1) Of all travel media available, Internet Web sites are the most useful.
2) When asked what media people used to plan travel, 40% said Internet Web sites.

Both of these were the #1 responses by travelers in a Travel Industry Association of America (TIAA) survey.

Tourism & Hospitality

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Travel is a way of life these days, and the market for tourism dollars is extremely competitive and growing even more so. From a marketing point of view, your job is tough. But R2360 can make it easier.

The travel buyers’ jobs can also be difficult. Convention planners need to know where to host an event. Families and business people alike need help in finding places to stay. What to see and do? What and where to eat? You can help them (and your business) by showing off your destination, hotel, restaurant, attraction or golf course in the best possible way.

Naturally, R2360 believes an interactive panorama or virtual tour is the best way to showcase your offerings (short of your customers actually being there and seeing it for themselves.)

With interactive panoramas and virtual tours, you can put your potential customers in the hotel room, in the banquet hall, or in your restaurant. They can see the view from the top of a mountain or the bottom of a canyon. They can virtually view your museum displays, or stand on the first tee of your golf course. They can experience your destinations.

R2360 will help you whet your customers’ appetites for your travel and hospitality offerings. Call us or email us today if would like to showcase your destination or facility in a similar fashion.